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Picture & Mirror Hanging Service near Lincoln, NE: Are you looking for Best Picture & Mirror Hanging Service near Lincoln, NE ? Handyman Services of Lincoln ,will help you present your artwork in the best possible light by using the right hardware to securely mount it on any type of wall. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Picture & Mirror Hanging Service around Lincoln, NE. We serve Lincoln, NE and other areas.



Make your artwork a focal point with our picture-hanging service in Lincoln, NE

Picture & Mirror Hanging Service near Lincoln, NE: Why risk fitting your mirrors and paintings askew when you can book a professional picture hanger near you?

  • Experienced local handymen who have the right tools & skills
  • Attractive half-day and full-day price packages at discounted rates
  • Mirror fitting, wall-art hanging, office presentation equipment installation
  • 24/7 customer care service and a convenient booking system

It’s easy to have pictures that match your interior perfectly


  • Schedule your hanging service online & check availability
  • The professional art hangers arrive promptly at your property
  • Get your heavy mirrors and valuable wall art properly aligned
  • Enjoy the results and share them with family and friends!

Hang your artwork at just the right spot

Picture & Mirror Hanging Service near Lincoln, NE: If hung incorrectly, even the most avant-garde picture or mirror runs the risk of remaining unnoticed by your guests. Handyman Services of Lincoln will help you present your artwork in the best possible light by using the right hardware to securely mount it on any type of wall. Hanging paintings becomes much easier with a pair of professional hands. Regardless of the shape and size of your picture frame or mirror, the polite, fast and skilled technicians will carry a wide assortment of tools and materials to hang your artwork in a safe manner. With this service you get:

  • A time-saving and cost-efficient service;
  • All tools and equipment are provided by the pros;
  • Extra materials can be purchased and delivered to your place;
  • Pricing based on the time your service took;

Picture Hanging Services


Picture & Mirror Hanging Service near Lincoln, NE: There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to hang a picture. No one likes to see a crooked frame or hear that bang when it falls to the ground. For straight, secure, professionally-hung pictures in your home, give our professionals a call. We can help no matter the size and weight of the frame, and we can get the project done the first time. We can even help with other projects around the house when we’re there!

Our team can hang a wide variety of items to your wall, such as:

  • Family Portraits
  • Mirrors
  • Paintings
  • Art Work
  • Clocks
  • Certificates
  • Degrees & Diplomas
  • Animal Mounts

Tips On Hanging Pictures On Drywall


Picture & Mirror Hanging Service near Lincoln, NE: Interested in hanging a picture yourself, but concerned that you’ll damage the walls? We recommend calling one of our professionals. If you’d like to do it yourself, consider the following tips from our team:

  • Pick the lightest possible frame as drywall is at risk from heavy objects.
  • Make sure you use the proper support, such as wall fasteners, stud finders, and more.
  • Remember that mistakes are fixable! Our team can perform needed drywall repairs and nail pops.

The Trusted Name in Picture Hanging 

  • Experienced

We have connected thousands of our customers to professional picture hangers. The wall hanging experts on the Handyman Services of Lincoln platform have seen it all and done jobs large and small. With years of experience, they’ve been able to create impressive, high-impact wall hanging displays according to the exact specifications of their customers. If the idea of hanging picture frames or installing a shelf leaves you feeling uneasy, the extensive experience of your professional picture hangers should assuage your nerves.

  • Skilled and Capable

If you need to hang shelves or picture frames and you need it done by a particular date, there’s nothing worse than booking professional picture hangers who don’t turn up when they’re supposed to. Book through Handyman Services of Lincoln and you’ll be connected with reliable wall hanging service providers who respect your time. Your wall hanging expert will arrive on time and ready to work. And they’ll bring all the necessary equipment with them, so there’s no need to rush out to the store at the last minute to stock up on expensive tools. Handyman Services of Lincoln will work to connect you with the wall hanging services you need at a time that works for you.

  • Reliable

When you book professional picture hangers, you want the assurance that they’re experienced and capable enough to meet your needs. From installing shelves to hanging picture frames to achieve the greatest visual effect, the wall hanging service providers on the Handyman Services of Lincoln platform are vetted and verified. You can even see your professional’s ratings and reviews from past satisfied customers. Also, wall hanging service providers booked through the Handyman Services of Lincoln platform come with the Handyman Services of Lincoln Happiness Guarantee. In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, Handyman Services of Lincoln will work hard to make things right.

  • Flexible

Booking professional picture hangers through Handyman Services of Lincoln gives you complete control over when and where they turn up. Whether you need wall hanging services first thing in the morning or in a few weeks’ time, Handyman Services of Lincoln will connect you with the right pro for the job. All you need to do is type in your zip code, tell us a little about what you need, and within seconds, you’ll be set up with one of the best shelf installation experts in your area. Handyman Services of Lincoln will work to connect you with a professional who will leave your home looking absolutely marvelous.


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The Best Picture Hanging

Leave It to the Wall Hanging Experts

Picture & Mirror Hanging Service near Lincoln, NE: While hanging pictures might not seem like a complicated task, it is not one to skimp on. When you book professional picture hanging services through Handyman Services of Lincoln, you’re allowing them to put holes in your wall, and we know how scary that can be!  Best to leave it to an experienced expert who knows how to get the most impact from your art and secure your picture frames firmly on the wall. The walls of your house or apartment are the first thing you, your family, and your visitors will notice when they enter. Using professional picture hangers booked through Handyman Services of Lincoln ensures that your home or office makes the best first impression, every single time.

Wall Hanging Services for Everyone

You don’t have to be opening an art exhibit or redecorating a grand foyer to book a picture hanging service through Handy. Many Handy customers are regular people who want to make sure that their home decor looks as neat and professional as possible. Or they’re simply too strapped for time to be able to do it themselves. You can use Handyman Services of Lincoln to find picture hangers for jobs big and small, for as many pictures or shelves as you need. Just tell us just what you need done and we’ll connect you with a hanging service pro with the relevant experience.


Tips for Hanging Pictures and Mirrors on Walls


Hanging framed pictures and mirrors on walls is something almost everyone has done but very few do it with confidence. Most people feel like they’re just winging it and simply hope for the best: Did I use the right anchor? I think I hit a stud. Is it really level? Will it hold?! But the fact is, mastering picture hanging really is quite easy, even if it takes a little practice. With a few tips, you’ll understand the basic strategy and techniques and will be able to choose the right anchor for any situation.


Choosing Wall Anchors

Like toothpastes, there are far more types of wall anchors than you really need. Narrow your options by looking at the weight of the object you’re hanging and the wall material you’re hanging it on. Almost any anchor will work in drywall, but fewer are suitable for plaster walls. If your object is really heavy or if it may be subject to stress or vibration, plan on screwing directly into wall studs, or use a heavy-duty anchor like a toggle bolt.

Anchors can be grouped into a number of main types:

  • Adhesive hangers:Self-adhesive strips that stick to the picture frame and the wall. Some have two halves that click together so the picture is removable. These are great for renters because the strips can be removed without damaging the wall paint (no holes!). They can be used on any smooth surface, including drywall and plaster walls, but are suitable only for lightweight items (up to about 12 pounds).
  • Nail-on hooks: The go-to anchor for light- to medium-weight objects on drywall. These go anywhere and hold much better—to the wall and to the picture—than a nail by itself.
  • Plaster picture hangers:A specialty version of standard nail-on hooks, these use hardened nails with ridged heads. The nails go into plaster without chipping it, and the ridged heads allow you to grip and twist the nails to pull them out—again, without chipping.
  • Screw-in drywall anchors:Conical anchors with auger-like threads and a cutter point for drilling its way into drywall. These are vastly superior to the cheap plastic tap-in anchors that come with most hanging hardware. Do not try to use them in plaster, though; they’ll just make a huge hole and won’t hold.


Cost to Hang Pictures

The factors affecting the rate to hire pros includes:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Number of pictures
  • Material of the mounting surface
  • Height and accessibility of the hanging surface

Professional installers can give an estimate of the cost of hanging a picture after evaluating the time, tools, materials, and the number of people required to finish the job. Generally, they charge by the hour and the hourly rates differ from project to project. The average service rate for installing a single picture is $60. A rough estimate of the cost of installation on different surfaces is given below.


Mounting Surface Cost of installation


  • Drywall $40-$120
  • Concrete Walls $70-$140
  • Wood $50-$130
  • Tiles $80-$140
  • Stone $100-$170


What Can Be Hung on a Wall?


Hired pros provide more than just picture frames and artwork mounting. They can also help hang the following on almost any wall in your home.

  • Picture frames
  • Framed artwork
  • Ceramics
  • Objet d’art
  • 3D artwork
  • Photo collages
  • Tapestries and rugs
  • Animal mounts


Cost to Add Mirrors to Walls


Mirrors are delicate and heavy, causing installation to be tricky and often dangerous. Hanging huge mirrors or mirrored walls require extra care. Using appropriate wall fixtures, finding the right wall spot on wall surfaces for hanging is easy for the professionals. High ceilings or low staircases call for different installation procedures to ensure precision and safety.




  • Security

Art needs to be securely fastened to your walls so it won’t fall. Choose a heavy-duty fastener for high traffic areas. Hallways and stairways need the extra protection so frames won’t get knocked off the wall. It can also help if you have rambunctious pets or children that might collide with your frames.

You might want to get specialty hardware for pieces of higher value. Locking fasteners will keep your artwork where you hang it. This can help prevent theft and give you peace of mind as well.

These fasteners also keep your pictures in place. No one can rearrange your pictures without your permission!

  • Number of Pieces

Moving into a new home could mean you have a lot of pictures that need hanging all over your home. If you have several pieces to hang up this can seem daunting, especially after the actual moving process!

If you are redecorating you may also face a similar situation with a need to put a number of pictures back up. These pieces may be art and photos you already had or new art that will refresh your space.

Remember, more pieces will take more time to hang properly, which will, in turn, increase the cost of the project.

Your home will look great once your favorite images grace the walls of your home!

  • Size and Arrangement of Pieces

A gallery wall is a popular way to display several pictures of varying sizes and types. However, you’ll need to spend some time planning beforehand to figure out the best arrangement. An easy way to preview this arrangement, if you, have the floor space, is to lay out your desired pieces on your floor.

That way when your pro arrives they can tackle the project efficiently based on your plans. This efficiency can help save on costs as well.

Even if you don’t have space for a full gallery, you can easily mix and match the size of your pieces. You can also mix and match your frames as well! Pair up different types of images or stick with a single type for a consistent look.

  • Accessibility For Installation

It always helps to have the area cleared before you bring in a professional to hang your pictures. They’ll need access to the wall, so make sure to clear out any furniture that might get in the way.

Tall walls may need extra equipment so that your picture hanger can reach the location you want to hang pictures. While a ladder will usually do, your installer may need to use a scaffolding for larger frames or especially tall rooms.

This equipment can also help if you plan to hang pictures in a stairway. Rather than trying to work on the uneven stairs, a scaffold will provide your professional with a flat, elevated surface to stand on.

  • Time

The amount of time it will take to hang your pictures will vary. It usually takes at least one hour to complete a simple picture hanging.

Then, as the complexity of your project increases, this time will lengthen. This is because you will have to account for the time it takes to determine layout to ensure that all of your pieces are even, in the correct spots and look great.

  • Experience

Most professionals have reviews of their previous work. These reviews can give you an idea of their work experience and approach to picture hanging projects. Checking these reviews can provide insight into your pro before you hire them.

Your professional may also be able to provide references from previous clients. These references can help you determine if they are a good fit for your project.

Someone who has experience hanging pictures may have a higher hourly rate than someone just starting out. If you find yourself uncertain as to who to choose then simple check out their review or references.

  • Location

Consider the cost of living when you look at your pro’s rates. If you live in an area where the cost of living is higher than this will, in turn, be reflected in the professional’s rates.

To help ensure your installation is cost effective keep an eye out for pros who operate nearby.

When you hire a pro who works locally, they won’t need to travel as far and so the transportation costs in their rates will be lower.

If you are uncertain what the cost of your project will be based on your location it is always best to ask your professional directly.

  • Summary

A professional installer can make hanging pictures a fast and easy project. So if you find yourself hesitating to get started, why not let them help?

Not only will they come with the expertise and the right tools for the job, a pro can answer any questions you have. They will make sure your art is level and secure, no matter how many pieces are in your collection.


What does the service include?


Well, here are a few examples:

  • Wall hanging mirrors and picture frames at a height that matches your eye level;
  • Hanging canvas prints in a secure and professional way without damaging your walls;
  • Mounting heavy paintings in places where they complement the décor and lighting of your home;
  • Every piece of your decorative wall art will be positioned with great care and attention to detail;
  • Positioning advice from picture hanging experts that you can use to make the most of your mirrors and pictures.


Can you mount weighty pictures and mirrors?


Absolutely! However, if the item is really heavy, then it would be best to warn us in advance. We will send a second handyman to help out.


Can you repair a crack in a mirror or a picture frame?


Unfortunately, we can’t repair cracks in mirrors or picture frames, but will gladly help you hang your new mirror or piece of art.


What if my mirror or picture doesn’t arrive with stock brackets or other hardware that I can attach to my wall?


Usually, brand new pictures and mirrors include a set of hangers or hanging wires that are specifically designed to withstand the weight of said item. Should that not be the case, just inform us and we’ll supply everything for you. We’ll choose and install proper hardware that will easily bear the weight of your bathroom or kitchen wall décor. We will then add this and any other professional picture hanging expenses to your final billing.


What’s the simplest, easiest way to hang a picture?


Hook & wire. It has been around forever, it works, and everyone understands the principals involved. There are many great new hanging systems available today, with demonstrable advantages over the hook & wire method, but if you want to keep things simple, Picture Hangers, Picture Wire and Picture Hooks are the way to go.


How secure are pictures hung with security picture hangers?


The security systems that we offer lock a picture to the wall with steel hardware hidden behind the frame. These systems will prevent someone from just lifting the picture off the wall and walking away with it. Without knowledge of how the hardware works and possession of the appropriate security wrench, it is very difficult to unlock a security-hung picture from a wall.


How high should I hang my pictures?


Most people hang pictures too high. The often-repeated rule of thumb is that the horizontal centerline of a picture should be at eye level. This is not particularly helpful advice since people vary in height, but an average-size person should be able to look comfortably at a picture without having to either bend down or look up. Pictures hung in the home often must be placed over furniture and therefore need to be hung higher than eye level, but you should try to get most of your pictures down to where people can see and enjoy them.


How do I hang a very heavy picture/mirror?


See our sections on Heavy-Duty Hangers, Cleat Hangers and Mega Hardware. We believe in overkill when it comes to hanging heavy pictures. It is always prudent to build in as much of a safety factor as possible. Remember that picture hanging hardware is hidden behind the picture, so using “too big” a hook or “too heavy” a wire will not be detrimental visually. We feel that the extra trouble and minimal extra expense required for what might be hardware overkill is preferable to the possible consequences of using something “good enough.”


What’s the best way to go about hanging a group of pictures?


A good way to think about a group of pictures is to treat them as one large picture made up of movable interior elements. You first determine the overall size of the imaginary rectangle on your wall that you want to fill and then experiment moving around the individual pictures within that rectangle until you arrive at an arrangement that is pleasing. You can do this by laying all the pictures out on the floor and trying out various combinations before putting that first hook in the wall.


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