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Residential Roofing Service near Lincoln, NE: Are you looking for the Best Residential Roofing Service near Lincoln, NE ? Handyman Services of Lincoln, Our team of highly-trained, GAF certified and skilled workers/supervisors will keep your properties structure safe while also portraying the best visual aesthetic for display. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Residential Roofing Service around Lincoln, NE. We serve Lincoln, NE and other areas.




Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing Service near Lincoln, NE: When you’re looking for expert residential roofing services, Handyman Services of Lincoln Professional Roofing is the match for you. Our team of highly-trained, GAF certified and skilled workers/supervisors will keep your properties structure safe while also portraying the best visual aesthetic for display. Homeowners, property managers and building managers can expect quality and reliable handiwork in all of our secure home roofing services.


Residential Home Roofing Services

Keeping your home looking attractive and operating well is essential for a handful of reasons. First, you need to keep your family safe and having the proper protection overhead from external elements is a great way to start. Second, securing curb appeal will make it easier for you if you’re looking to move out and sell your home in the future.

Residential Roofing Service near Lincoln, NE: At Handyman Services of Lincoln, we provide multiple services and roof maintenance options for protecting your home and keeping your roof in good condition. Choose from services that include:

  • Aluminum trim
  • Architectural and designer shingles
  • Low slope roofing
  • Chimney repair
  • Gutter work — cleaning, repair and replacement
  • Roof leak repair
  • Skylight repair and replacement
  • Rotten wood solutions
  • Pressure washing
  • Repair, maintenance and replacement of concrete tiles and asphalt shingles

Replacing your roof is beneficial to you for both short-term and long-term effects. As a homeowner, protecting yourself and your family is a top priority. By making sure your roof is repaired and replaced, you’ll be updating the integrity of your house’s foundation. Old roofs can display numerous hazards concerning rotting, misalignment and holes or leaks. With a professional team like Handyman Services of Lincoln installing a new roof, you’ll have peace of mind in living in a safe and beautiful-looking home.

New Roofs

Make sure that you never make the mistake of working with anyone but a true industry professional to take care of the work you need completed. This includes making sure that they have the proper credentials to get the job done. Don’t assume that someone has a license and insurance just because they present themselves as an industry expert.

When it comes to getting the service that you need for your Lincoln, NE new roof construction, you can rely on us. Here at Handyman Services of Lincoln we take this line of work seriously and you will see just how serious once you begin to work with us. Don’t take a gamble on the quality of the most important aspect of your home or business, let us handle the job for you.

Our Lincoln, NE Roofers Provide:

Roof repair

Residential Roofing Service near Lincoln, NE: It gives you peace when you know that you have a solution to your problems and it is more peaceful when you know it will be delivered to you at your doorstep. Our company provides solutions to your roofing problems at your doorstep whenever you need us. It is just a matter of a phone call and our talented workmen will be your home fixing your roof. Our professional workmen can tackle any kind of roofing problem and restore its integrity within no time. Due to our professional staff’s diligence, we have managed to maintain a well-reputed image in the city Lincoln, NE. Most often, roof repair companies have specialized in one or two types of roof repairs, but our company has a vast range of roof repairing techniques from shingles to asphalt, clay tiles to metal shingles. It is only because we have struggled to become versatile. Assuring that your roofing system is safe and sound, is our topmost priority. With our quality work, it is impossible to beat our rates, you will get the best services from our company at such rates. Once you contact us, you are in safe hands, you just sit, relax, and wait for the work done within the time limit you decided with us.

Our specialized workmen will get the roof repaired and will restore its integrity at the earliest possible without causing you any trouble to wait for long. So, all you need is to contact us.

Our Lincoln, NE Roofers Provide:

  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Roof Repair Service
  • Leaking Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Roof Inspections
  • Roofing Services
  • Flat Roof Repair
  • Roof Restoration
  • Roof Installation
  • Repairs for Roof Leaks
  • Roofing Repair


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  • Building Addition
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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement for Lincoln, NE Homes

Residential Roofing Service near Lincoln, NE: Eventually you are going to need to take care of finding the right expert to address your need for Lincoln, NE roof replacement services. So, you will be glad to know that you have come to the right place because Handyman Services of Lincoln is the only name that you need to know to get the job done. The important thing is to work with an honest and genuine expert who will give you the truth about whether or not it is time to replace your rooftop. Working with our certified professionals means that you can feel good knowing we will not steer you in the wrong direction.

We have been the local service leader in this field and always give each customer the truthful results while other companies simply push for replacement so they can make more money. Our Lincoln, NE roofing contractors can provide you with a free roofing estimate during our consultation and this will help you decide if replacement is the right step to take. You can also feel good knowing that if we move forward with replacing your roof, you can expect the materials used to be of the highest quality. There is no point in taking a chance when it comes to the quality of your roofing; this is what protects the entire rest of the structure.

Roofing Replacement Experts

Residential Roofing Service near Lincoln, NE: When the time comes for you to determine if you need repair or replacement, you have to think about things like future costs. If your roof is in need of repairs and will likely need more repairs in the near future, it may be more cost-effective to just take care of roofing replacement now. Or, if the cost of the repairs you are looking at would be 50% or more of the current value of the roof, it makes more sense to replace.

The average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 years, so if that is the current age of your rooftop it might also be smarter to just go ahead and replace instead of repair. The bottom line is that Handyman Services of Lincoln wants to be able to establish a long term working relationship with each and every client, the only way to do this is by being a fair, honest, hardworking and affordable company.

Lincoln, NE Roof Replacements

If you are considering Lincoln, NE roof replacement work, the time to give us a call is now. Here at Handyman Services of Lincoln, we take great pride in the work that we do, including the manner in which we treat our customers. Don’t take chances and work with anyone lacking the credentials to work on your roof.

Roof Inspection 

Roof inspections are important because your roof is one of the most important assets in your home. If your roof is leaking, it may not be immediately clear, and that can cause other damages down the line. A leaky roof invites mold into your attic. The water damage can ruin other parts of your home. A roof inspection will show where leaks exist so you can repair them before the problem gets worse. Our roof inspection experts provide complete roof inspections of all types of roof. We find any problems with your roof and give you options for repairs. Whatever type of roof you have, we give you a thorough Roof inspection. A roof inspection will determine how long the roof will last, will show any leaks or potential leaks, and any areas that need to be replaced. We give you an honest and accurate assessment of your roof, whether you are inspecting the home for a potential purchase or you want to uncover leaks in your current home. We are one of the best contractors for roof plastering, roof leaking repair, professional roof inspections and roof replacement in Lincoln, NE.


Residential Roofing Service Tips You Need to Know Now

The roof is one of the most important structures, which holds every house as fully functional as possible, and is often not given much attention. This becomes the subject of most concern when watermarks and other signs of leakage are already clear. In order to avoid reducing the age of your roof, these problems should at least take part in the notice. But as they say, prevention is always better than cure, so when these problems are not yet extended, then it pays for fixed assessment and maintenance. But when you want to do anything for your roof, who do you say? You can start by browsing through the list of companies and professional Roofing Contractors offering roof services.

Roof Inspection & Maintenance

Since the winter season proves the toughest time on the rooftops, the best time for the inspection is the decline of spring and autumn. Smaller problems can be removed by removing which can be some big when left unchanged.

Roof Repair

The roof can be repaired by the installation or replacement of the power vent, chimney leak, and the place of broken or damaged herpes, the leakage of the valley, the removal and replacement of rotten wood, leaking flat decks, vent pipes, gutters and others.


Roof Cost Comparison Guide

Residential Roofing Service near Lincoln, NE: Installing a new roof costs between $5,000 and $10,000 on average. Prices vary depending on several factors, as discussed in-depth below. If you’re not sure where to start, local roofing contractors can offer quotes to set your budget by.

Repair a Roof

  • National Average $887
  • Typical Range $353 – $1,435

Estimating Roofing Costs

When calculating the cost of a new roof, you’ll have a variety to choose from. Contractors will estimate their rate based on factors, including:

  • Size
  • Slope
  • Complexity
  • Accessibility
  • Existing roofing, if any
  • Material type
  • Underlayment and accessories
  • Ventilation
  • Flashing
  • Labor
  • Scope of work
  • Project size (part of or whole roof)

Before you hire a contractor, confirm that they have the proper license and insurance to avoid legal problems.

Cost of Metal Roofs vs. Shingles

Installing metal roofs cost $5,000 to $12,000 and asphalt options are $5,000 to $10,000. The majority of homes in the United States have asphalt shingles because they’re affordable and easy to install and repair. However, metal styles are gaining popularity for their energy efficiency and cooling ability.

Cost Difference Between Metal Roof versus Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles range from $70 to $160 per square (or 100 square feet) and metal roofing ranges from $120 up to $900 per square.

Roofing Material Types & Prices

If you choose not to install asphalt or metal, there are various other materials to choose from. Any type of shingle roofing will cost anywhere from $4,000 up to $120,000 with installation.

Cost Factors to Consider Before Installing a New Roof

When installing a roof, there are various other factors that play into the price. Some factors you should consider are:

  • Accessibility:If it is difficult to access, has power lines nearby or tree branches, the rate to install or replace it will increase.
  • Type of Home:The taller your house is, the more expensive it will be because of the danger involved with the height.
  • Structural issues:If the framework is damaged, you’ll pay additional charges to have it repaired before installation proceeds.
  • Permits and licenses: The cost to obtain permits and the proper licenses could play into the total price of your installation.
  • Location:Labor rates vary greatly across the United States.

Be sure you speak in-depth with several contractors ahead of the project so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Here are some other common factors to keep in mind before you proceed with a replacement or installation.


How can a homeowner recognize when a roof system has problems?

A: All too often, roof system problems are discovered after leaking or other serious damage occurs. Periodic (twice-a-year) inspections often can uncover cracked, warped or missing shingles; loose seams and deteriorated flashings; excessive surface granules accumulating in the gutters or downspouts; and other visible signs of roof system problems. Indoors, look for cracked paint, discolored plasterboard and peeling wallpaper as signs of damaged roof areas.

What are my options if I decide to reroof?

You have two basic options: You can choose a complete replacement of the roof system, involving a tear-off of your existing roof system, or re-cover the existing roof system, involving only the installation of a new roof system. If you’ve already had one re-cover installed on your original roof system, check with a professional roofing contractor. In many instances, building code requirements allow no more than one roof system re-cover before a complete replacement is necessary.

My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely?

Not necessarily. Leaks can result from flashings that have come loose or a section of the roof system being damaged. A complete roof system failure, however, generally is irreversible and a result of improper installation or choice of materials or the roof system installation is inappropriate for the home or building.


Can I do the work myself?

Most work should not be done yourself. Professional roofing contractors are trained to safely and efficiently repair or replace roof systems. You can damage your roof system by using improper roofing techniques and severely injure yourself by falling off or through the roof.

Maintenance performed by home and building owners should be confined to inspecting roof systems during the fall and spring to check for cracked or curling shingles and cleaning gutters filled with dead leaves and other debris. If you must inspect your roof system yourself, use a firmly braced or tied-off ladder equipped with rubber safety feet. Wear rubber-soled shoes and stay on the ladder (and off the roof system), if possible.

How long can I expect my roof system to last?

Most new roof systems are designed to provide useful service for about 20 years. Some roof system types, such as slate, clay tile and certain metal (e.g., copper) systems, can last longer.

Actual roof system lifespan is determined by a number of factors, including local climatic and environmental conditions, proper building and roof system design, material quality and suitability, proper application and adequate roof maintenance.

Roofing product manufacturers offer a variety of warranties on their products. Take a close look at those warranties to see what responsibilities and financial obligations manufacturers will assume if their products fail to reach their expected lives.


What will a new roof system cost?

Residential Roofing Service near Lincoln, NE: The price of a new roof system varies widely, depending on such things as the materials selected, contractor doing the work, home or building, location of the home or building, local labor rates and time of year. To get a good idea of the price for your roof system, get three or four proposals from reputable contractors in your area. Keep in mind that price is only one factor, and it must be balanced with the quality of the materials and workmanship.

For each roofing material, there are different grades and corresponding prices. There also are a variety of styles and shapes. You need to look at the full product range and make a choice based on your budget and needs.

Within the roofing profession, there are different levels of expertise and craftsmanship. Insist on a contractor who is committed to quality work.

How can I determine my annual roofing cost?

When considering your roofing options, the following formula may help:

Annual Roofing Cost =  Total Cost (Materials & Labor)

                                 Life Expectancy of Roof System (in years)


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